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Register your YACHT in TAX FREE Delaware

Register your yacht or boat in the State of Delaware.  It is quick and simple.  We will file the appropriate paperwork. For a "title" state you will need the original Title (no copies) signed by the seller and purchaser and a notarized Bill of Sale.  For a "non-title" state you will need the original boat registration card and a notarized bill of sale that includes both the buyer's and seller's names.  In the event of registering a factory new boat, you would submit the Certificate or Origin (as a title would not have been issued yet).
Our address in Delaware will become your address of record with the State of Delaware and you will be able to put a Delaware Boat Registration Sticker on your boat.   And remember:  Delaware is a NO SALES TAX state.  You must INCORPORATE in Delaware (or have an existing Delaware Corporation and move your registered agency to us) in order to register your yacht or boat using our service and, of course, we can help with that too.

The annual YACHT/BOAT registration fees are as follows:

Under 16' $85
16' to 25' $100
26'to 39' $130
40' to 64' $175
Over 65' $215
This fee covers the annual boat registration fee and the fee for our services and for the use of our address, in the State of Delaware until the end fo the calendar year.  You are welcomed to receive mail at this address, as we will forward all First Class Mail to a domestic USA address for the rest of the calendar year at no extra charge.
If you are ready, fill out the data below, submit the form, make a payment on the next page and we will take care of the rest. However, we will need from you the following:
        Original Bill of Sale, NOTARIZED
        Original Registration/Title (or if a factory new vessel, then we need the original Certificate of Origin)
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